The Waalweg of Udine

Explore the journey of Roggia di Udine's canals: a historic lifeline for local communities, now navigating the challenges of modernity. This story weaves together nature, tradition, and progress in a captivating tapestry.

This project is about the canals in Friuli. These canals are like the vital arteries of the area, helping both nature and the people living there.

A long time ago, these canals were super important for obtaining water and energy. Imagine this: they provided drinking water to everyone and helped kick-start the industrial revolution! They powered mills, assisted in metal workshops, boosted new factories, and even irrigated the fields.

I particularly like one canal, the “Roggia di Udine.” I often walk along its banks. This project follows its journey right from where it starts, from the Torre stream in Zompitta. The water’s journey is guided through various channels and begins its great adventure there.

As it flows, the canal passes through different villages, each with its own special connection to the water. The journey ends in Udine, where the canal meets the Cormor stream.

But there’s more! The project also looks at how things have changed from using water power to electric energy. It’s a big leap from using the power of nature to relying on coal and gas power plants. Sure, it’s progress, but it also brings some problems, like atmospheric pollution, which we really need to think about.