Sailing with La Bum

At the core of my photographic project lies the essence of life at sea, captured through my lens as I sail aboard my sailboat 'La Bum'.

This photography project showcases the fun and exciting activities that happen on my sailboat, “La Bum”, during our cruises. My goal is to share my love for the sea and my experience as a sailor with anyone who wants to come aboard to learn the basics of sailing or simply enjoy life on the water.

As a longtime member of the Italian Sailing League, I believe in promoting water sports and the joy of sailing.

For me, sailing has been a fantastic way to relieve the stress of hectic work life. It has become a true passion that I love to share with others.

I often receive requests from young people who want to join my adventures, and it’s always rewarding to see them learn to work together as part of a team, live in close quarters, and manage various onboard activities such as cleaning, cooking, and organization. Every night we stop at a port or bay, allowing us to do some sightseeing and relaxation, as well as enjoy the beauty of the starry sky.

It’s truly a special experience that allows us to appreciate a slower, more peaceful way of life and reconnect with nature.