Venice Carnival 2024

Discover the enchanting magic of the Carnival of Venice capturing the essence of a centuries-old tradition, where every mask is a work of art.

The Venice Carnival is revealed through a series of portraits that capture the intricate beauty and tailoring art of its famous masks. These images depict not only the artisanal mastery and richness of detail, but also the unmistakable atmosphere that only Venice can offer.

From the golden and opulent tones that shine against the ancient stone of its buildings, to the contrast with the water of its canals and the morning mist, each shot is a testimony to the unique character of this global event.

These photographs invite the viewer to look beyond the mask, immersing themselves in the visual narration of the untold stories of its participants. 

Through the lens, we observe a dialogue between the eternal city and its temporary inhabitants, an elegant dance between the ancient and the transitory, captured in a timeless moment of celebration.