Street fish market


A mosaic of daily life emerges in this photographic series, where the August sun illuminates the simple gestures and maritime traditions of a small Greek port.

In the summer of 2019, I took my Canon 6D to the charming streets of Greece. The bright summer sun lit up everything, showing us real-life moments: fishermen swapping tales after a morning at sea, their nets shiny and damp in the blue sky. Picture an old orange sail and folks sitting under it, chatting away with stories of the sea in every word.

The fish market turns into a little show. You see hands rough from the sea working on fish, skills passed down for ages. The shiny scales and the insides of the fish, all tell tales of life at sea and a deep respect for it.

There’s a sound of water washing the fish, reminding us of the never-ending cycle of life and hard work. Fish and squid, once swimming in the deep, now still, ready to be part of someone’s home and story. And beneath, the sea is full of life, with fish swimming around, not knowing about the busy world above.

This photo project is more than just street pictures; it’s a glimpse into a culture, a way of life that’s stayed the same through the years.