Pepi Merisio


  • Full Name: Giuseppe “Pepi” Merisio
  • Birth: Caravaggio, August 10, 1931
  • Death: Bergamo, February 2, 2021

Pepi Merisio’s photography is made of exhortations and boundaries, small things and deep visions, uncertain questions and sometimes silence. Her vision of the world, always respectful of others, has contributed to producing a new visual alphabet that perfectly intersects with the themes of change.

Merisio manages to bring back through her lens that system of values, ideals, and thought, which restores a direct connection with the past, so powerful as to reverse the meaning of history. The agricultural world, the rhythms of the seasons, and the simplicity of life – which flows slowly in the Italian countryside and centers before the advent of the new economy based on industry – represent the highlights of a vision that, in the weft of history, reveals the origins of a country and brings to light the relationship of continuity between contemporaneity and peasant civilization.